Tradition Innovation

Mission work doesn't always end up looking the way tradition might initiate. As managing director of grants with Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School, Victoria White speaks about innovation and failure and how they relate to her vocation.

Guest: Victoria White
Presented by: The Institute for Youth Ministry

Interview on Faith, Vocation, and Hope
Princeton Theological Seminary, 2017




Victoria White is the Director of Grants at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity where she encourages traditioned innovation among Christian institutions and their leaders through teaching, writing, networking, resourcing, and grant making. A native Texan, Victoria is an ordained Baptist minister, a pastor’s wife, and mother to 2 hilarious and mischievous children. You can find her working in her home office overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with a gigantic Great Dane named Minnie, or on one of the 5 million sports fields her kids play. She loves to laugh, mostly at herself.