There's More to Me than What You See

What would happen if we were to approach the world with the lesson found in the children’s song, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?”  That is the wonder and curiosity with which Rev. Leslie Callahan approaches the story of Esther.

 Preacher: Leslie Callahan

Sermon from Black Theology and Leadership Institute
Princeton Theological Seminary, 2017




Leslie D. Callahan is the Pastor of St. Paul’s Baptist Church, located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. Having experienced her call to ministry at an early age, she began the public proclamation of the gospel at age 19. Committed to education, she earned the Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Harvard University/Radcliffe, the Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Religion from Princeton University. Her research interests include religious history in the United States, particularly independent African American Christianity and Pentecostal studies. Dr. Callahan currently serves as a Commissioner for the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Dr. Callahan’s written expressions and thoughts can be found in her published article in the The Audacity of Faith: Christian Leaders Reflect on the Election of Barack Obama by Marvin A. McMickle (Editor).