Hope in Congregations

Do churches have dreams?  From her early experience of church to ordained leadership and coaching, Rev. Aqueelah Ligonde’s call is to lead the Church in dreaming.  In this interview, she talks about how people working together for the Church’s dreams gives her hope.

Guest: Aqueelah Ligonde

Interview on Faith, Vocation, and Hope
Princeton Theological Seminary, 2018




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Aqueelah Ligonde is an enthusiastic speaker and leader with a passion for today’s generation of women, girls, youth, and leaders. She has worked with organizations such as Princeton Theological Seminary’s Institute for Youth Ministry and Youth Specialties. She serves on the Board of GenOn/Logos Ministries and is a Staff Consultant with Ministry Architects. Currently, she is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry from Louisville Theological Seminary. Ligonde served as the Associate Pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, NY.