Equipped to Proclaim

Being a preacher or pastor doesn't only mean learning how to preach, but also learning how to equip others to engage and speak their message. Shauna Hannan, a professor of homiletics, discusses how preaching is an ongoing conversation that invites feedback and feed-forward loops that prepares the hearers for proclamation.

Guest: Shauna Hannan

Interview on Faith, Vocation, and Hope
Princeton Theological Seminary, 2017




The Rev. Dr. Shauna Hannan is Associate Professor of Homiletics at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary of California Lutheran University in Berkeley, California. She also serves on the Core Doctoral Faculty of the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley). She received her Ph.D. in practical theology (homiletics) from Princeton Theological Seminary. Dr. Hannan is ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Dr. Hannan’s current research interests include: preaching as a ministry of the whole congregation, preaching public issues, Latin American homiletical pedagogy, the arts and the craft of preaching (especially working film, short story fiction, music, theatre and photography).