Eric Mathis

Eric L. Mathis, PhD, is Chair of Academic Studies, Assistant Professor of Church Music and Worship Leadership, and Director of anima: the Center for Worship and the Arts at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. An ordained minister, Eric holds degrees in music and theology, the most recent of which is from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.  He co-authored "Leaning on the Word: Worship with Conservative Baptists in Northwest Argentina, mid-20th Century" with Lester Ruth, scheduled to be released in 2017 by Eerdmans Publishing, Company.  Currently, Eric is writing "About Worship," a curriculum for teaching teenagers about worship in the church.  A former youth minister, Eric enjoys reading, writing, speaking, and in general, being with groups of young people. He is married to Brittany, a CPA and Tax Manager for Spire, the natural gas utility in Birmingham. When they have spare time, you can find them cooking, reading, traveling, hanging out with teenagers from their church, or watching their latest obsession on Netflix.