Women's Voices

After years of teaching speech in seminaries, Nancy Lammers Gross discusses the woman’s voice – not her metaphorical Voice, but her physical voice. She explores problematic vocal defaults of high pitch, glottal fry, and upspeak. Sharing some of her own story as professor, parent, and professional, Nancy points to the hopeful alternative of embodying an authoritative voice.

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Guest: Nancy Lammers Gross


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Nancy Lammers Gross is the Arthur Sarell Rudd Associate Professor of Speech Communication in Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary. She earned both her MDiv and PhD from Princeton Seminary. She is a member of the Academy of Homiletics, the National Communication Association/Religious Communication Association, and numerous academic administration professional organizations. Her areas of teaching interest include speech communication, preaching, worship, and hermeneutics. An ordained Presbyterian minister, she has served churches in California and New Jersey. She also served for ten years on the Committee on Preparation for Ministry in the New Brunswick Presbytery, four of those years as co-moderator. She has been deeply involved in curriculum development at Palmer Theological Seminary (formerly Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary), in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, where she previously taught, and in ministry in local congregations. Her latest book is Women’s Voices and the Practice of Preaching.