The Overwhelming Challenge of God

Valerie Bridgeman encourages Christians to bring their full barrage of questions to the biblical text and to live with the overwhelming challenge of God encountered throughout the biblical canon. Bridgeman founded WomanPreach! Inc. to encourage preachers to wrestle with the text.

The Distillery is a podcast that explores the essential ingredients of book and research projects with experts in their field of study. Learn what motivates their work and why it matters for Christian theology and ministry.


Guest: Valerie Bridgeman


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Valerie Bridgeman is Interim Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Homiletics & Hebrew Bible at Methodist Theological School in Ohio and founding president & CEO, WomanPreach! Inc. She graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio with a double major in communication and religion. She earned her M.Div. from Austin Presbyterian Seminary, where she won the Charles L. King Excellence in Preaching Award for graduating seniors. She completed and was awarded her Ph.D. in Biblical Studies (OT concentration) from Baylor University. Valerie is a published and award-winning poet, a visual artist, jazz dancer, and stage performer.