Looking Ahead

Thanks for joining us for the pilot season of The Distillery! Season 2 premieres February 20, 2018. We hope you look forward to learning with us about angels, demons, Paul's cosmology, nativity scenes, worship, political discourse, economic systems, dementia, disability, gender, race, science, church history, and technology.

The Distillery is a podcast that explores the essential ingredients of book and research projects with experts in their field of study. Learn what motivates their work and why it matters for Christian theology and ministry.


Host: Shari Oosting


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Shari Oosting is the Associate Director of Formation for Ministry at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. Prior to this, she directed programs and developed initiatives for Christian leaders in Princeton Theological Seminary's Office of Continuing Education, where she hosted the first two seasons of The Distillery and was one of the creators of The Thread. She is passionate about expanding the biblical and theological vocabulary of Christians and cares deeply about the Church. Shari and her husband Jason spend their hours outside of work playing with their four children—Asher, Ezra, Elia, and Ada.